Repossession Services in Tennessee & Arizona

Insured, Certified, Compliant & Digital

We are insured through ATIG!
We are Certified through CARS
We can accept your assignments through Recovery Manager Pro
We can accept your assignments thought RDN
We can accept your assignments though iRepo
We Provide LPR coverage with Plate Locate Technology

Professional Asset Recovery in TN

  • Prompt, professional repossession solutions.
  • Our level of service has built substantial relationships with our clients for many years.
  • Strong focus on education & litigation prevention!
  • We respond to potentially troublesome situations with poise and intelligence.
  • Recovery Resolutions keeps everyone safe before, during and after the repossession process.
  • Our knowledge and understanding of proper procedures and applicable laws is second to none.
  • We are able to work close together with our clients to resolve accounts effectively and efficiently.
  • It’s a jungle out there, and navigating it requires a real professional.
  • We’ve been supporting our clients with professional repossession services at our competitive prices.


  • Locally owned & headquartered in Oakland, TN.
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  • Locations in Tennessee, Arkansas & Arizona.
  • Professional repossession services throughout:
    • Western Tennessee
    • Northern Tennessee
    • Central Tennessee
    • Eastern Arkansas
    • Northern Mississippi


  • We work assignments through RMP, RDN and iRepo.
  • Our Agents are Certified through RISC\CARS.
  • We provide LPR Coverage through Plate Locate LPR!
  • Offering solid service and years of experience.

We Have 2 Secure Locations in Tennessee!

Nashville Location

Memphis Location